Version 3


    Schema uploads
    Roger has uploaded all missed schemas to public.

    But our schemas has to be updated - they contains relative path to JSF schemas distributed with CDK.


    Jay will make full review of the M1 jiras.

    RFPL also needs to be reviewed, and cleaned out.

    Jiras need to be reviewed too:


    Component jira structure review

    For simple tasks:

    Main jira task and subtasks for features and link for example server side code development subtask as depends on.


    For big tasks:

    Main jira task with links to related jiras. One of them can be base component. Other cover features - in full cycle from design to testing. Any detailed tasks will be as a link to their own jira. When we are not planning any works on this component in the next 2 versions, mai jira will be closed.


    Rough sample of such jira layout:


    Component wiki reviews

    Review "quick overview of the panels" and then discuss it offline.


    Build structure concerns

    Continue the build structure discussion in email, and discuss more at staff meeting.


    Modal panel should be additionally reviewed as it's more critical than collapsiblePanel or panel.

    JBoss tools integration

    Jay will write up the JBoss world wrap up. Not really too much to tell, but lots of positive feedback, and "When is 4.0" coming.

    There are some questions on scaling large datatables - with build in paging. Need to be explained this more in wiki, and blogs.