Version 1


    • AI Jay: Set up meeting with Ilya to discuss new project page
    • AI Ilya: Next weeks meeting walk through new wiki layout, discuss FAQ, plans, and suggestions


    • AI Jay : Review Jira groups based on SVN commit rights
    • AI Jay: Work with Rodney and get new RichFaces Planning jira project created
      • abbreviation RFPL
      • Initial Components
        • dev, qe, docs, CDK, components, core


    • AI Jay: set up a meeting to discuss 3.3.2.CR1 release plan with QE, Docs, and Nick
        - This will need to be next Monday because of conflicts and holidays this week
    • AI Svetlana, and Ilya: Create jira's for a4j:queue issues that came up from user.
    • AI Jay: R&D doc build issue for Svetlana.  Alex was working on it, but may have hit a snag.