Version 1


    QE updates:

    should be done for A2 release. (resolved at time when this minutes posted )

  - wil lbe done for  M1

    QE work could be done till Friday so release at Monday.


    Jira and release plan - will post to and make redirects from (Ilya will check the redirect with exadel IT) jboss tools guys update required. - tracking the release activities there



    • added Future_4.X & Future_3.X for more carefull palnning


    • Some of the items for M1 are :

    completeing iteration component and posponed features
    suggestion box
    several of the panels
    client side validation prototype

    various wiki updates, build, etc...

    All the team working on review the jira's assigned to them, and discuss as needed.


    • moving to Maven 3 for M1


    complete log in attachment.