RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 7-14-2009

Note: Details in transcript


  • Ilya reviewed the wiki layout, faq, cookbook, and articles
  • AI Ilya : Combine cookbook and articles under a new heading - "Knowledge Base"
  • AI Ilya : Work on fixing navigation links and breadcrumbs in FAQ
    • List of questions as links to anchors in the page
  • AI Ilya: Fix RichFaces Components FAQ links
  • AI All: Please provide comments and suggestions for the wiki pages


  • Dev
    • Reviewed several jiras
      • RF-7290 - tinyMCE lib update
        • Pavel will work on this as soon as he is finished with optimizations this week
        • May time some time, and can't give estimate right now
      • RF-7246 - component optimizations
      • RF-7172 - regression Context Menu issues
      • RF -7270 - IE6 peek-a-boo bug
        • AI Nick: Email suggestions for work around
  • Docs
    • On track no comments to bring up
  • QE
    • N/A

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