Version 1


    • AI Ilya: Finish up new RichFaces project site for review
    • AI Jay: Review site and work to finalize
    • AI Ilya: Prepare to walk through new site next week, if we can get it live
    • AI All: Let me know if this there is something new for calendar


    • July 31st code freeze
    • Build to QE August 3rd
    • Pavel working on RF 7290 (blocker)
    • Other than that on track
    • On track to be ready for build
      • QE may be ready to release before deadline
    • Only have CR2 if CR1 is too unstable or big issues found
    • GA in September depending on 4.0 progress
    • On track for release

    Jira Policy

    • No new comments
    • AI All: Please review and comment if you have feedback
    • AI All: Begin to follow and implement jira policy