Version 1

    4.0.0.Milestone1 Release

    • Users have problems with 3rd party dependencies
      • Not Maven users AFAIK
      • Ilya will write blog on required dependencies


    4.0.0.Milestone 2

    • Integration with MyFaces 2.0.1 is planned for the near future
    • Development status
    • Questions/concerns
      • None
    • Build system redesign
      • Requirements for wokflows:
        • Point release of a subset
        • Custom packaging with limited components included
      • Discussed usage of Maven profiles & svn:externals
      • Two questions to think about:
        • How to enforce, manage cross project dependencies that will only show when we try to release, and/or split in future to 1-2 t/b/t
          • Maven reporting plugins should help
        • How to handle, where to put, items that need to be tagged but not part of release ( QE stuff mainly ))
      • 3.x should be archived in SVN
      • QA applications and demos should be tagged - even the ones not included into release
      • Development should occur in branches to keep trunk stable