RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 7-6-2010 

4.0.0.Milestone 1




Code Freeze: July 12th

Release: July 20th


Jira Review



will be done for M1 release:


postponed to M2:


Autocomplete behavior:

will be done for M1: not finished yet.  there are some options which should be added, ajax hasn't finished, also there are some bugs exist.


Misc component set:

Nick is going to try porting jQuery but he is not sure if he complete this by Monday



Client side validation:  closed. Have been already implemented in framework


postponed to future,



will be done for M1


Tables: will be done for M1

we are planning to discuss Alex dataTable article on staff meeting (link to the article: )



Another postponed issues:


RFPL: postponed to M2


QA Testing plans:

Start date - Tuesday morning (Brno time)

Run all automated tests with M1 bits. Manually focus on issues fixed in release notes.