RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 8-17-2010

    4.0.0.M2 Release

                          Repository settings will be added to parent
      • OSGI packaging    
        • RF-9045   
          • need to add, the issue has been set for Future_4.x
      • Components    
        • RF-8933   
          • All except autocomplete included to showcase
          • inplaceInput is completed except unit tests
          • detected some important issues like inplaceInput markup problems
      • Mock Release    
        • Planned for later today   
          • richfaces-parent 10 to be reviewed prior to releasing
          • QE Status    
            • Open issues   
              • Tables - need to discuss after M2
            • Plans, comments, concerns, requests, etc….   
              • None

            4.0.0.M3 Release

            • Planning underway
              • Status


            Not discussed



            • Development branch usage!!!
            • Jira up to date!!



            Not discussed