RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 8-18-2009

Note: Details in transcript


  • Site  
    • AI Ilya: Investigate site monitoring software for keeping track of project site status
    • live demo login is not liked by anyone


  • QE  
      • No updates since test report posted earlier this week
      • RF-7704 - fixed, merged and new build for QE  
        • isolated issue that should not effect QE testing status
      • Photo Album tests still failing - Alex K will fix today  
        • Does not need respin
      • QE confident we'll be ready for release next Monday
    • Dev  
      • nothing that was not discussed already
    • Doc  
      • no concerns for 3.3.2.CR1

    Release Process

    • AI Jay: Setup a meeting next Monday for final review before GA
    • AI All: Review release procedure wiki and provide feedback by Thursday
    • AI Konstantin, Ilya: Update release procedure  
      • 15 needs to be updated
      • Don't need to update demos except for GA
      • Expand "When QE/Dev ready - release"  
        • Need steps and details
        • Upload to and others ( see transcript)
      • Magnolia site update requirements
      • Listing of all places that need updated ( wikipedia, twitter, blog, etc...)
    • AI Docs: Update release procedure - create doc bundle and email help desk with instructions  
      • latest_3_3_X only updated for GA
      • Doc release procedure is the following
      • Prepare a zip of release docs:
        1. run the 'mvn clean install -P release,docs,release_docs -Dmaven.test.skip=true' command from the project root directory;
        2. create the 'en' folder;
        3. after the build is completed:
                            - copy the content of ui/assembly/target/tlddoc/ to the 'en/tlddoc/' folder;
                            - copy the content of ui/assembly/target/apidocs/ to the 'en/apidoc/' folder;
                            - copy the content of docs/userguide/en/target/docbook/publish/en-US/ to the 'en/devguide/' folder;
                            - copy the content of docs/cdkguide/en/target/docbook/publish/en-US/ to the 'en/cdkguide/' folder;
                            - copy the content of docs/faq/en/target/docbook/publish/en-US/ to the 'en/fac/' folder;
                            - copy the content of docs/migrationguide/en/target/docbook/publish/en-US/ to the 'en/migrationguide/' folder;
                           - copy the content of docs/photo_album_app_guide/en/target/docbook/publish/en-US/ to the 'en/realworld/' folder;
        4. run the 'mvn javadoc:javadoc' command from the framework/api/ dir;
        5. copy the content of framework/api/target/site/apidocs/ to the 'en/apidoc_framework/' folder;
        6. create a zip from the 'en' folder.
      • Upload the doc bundle onto
      • Email help desk with instructions where to upload the docs budle from
      • Check the docs uploaded by helpdesk
        Note: before running the build commands, make sure that the paths in the ENTITIE's (in the master.xml for userguide) are correct for all docs (cdkguide, devguide, etc.)
    • Discuss some ideas for 4.0 release process - specifically hudson based builds  
      • Targeting BETA1
      • Prabhat and some ideas on hudson configs


    •   AI Jay: Create RFPL/RF issues for action items as appropriate