Version 1


    Mock release

    Mock release was out Sunday.

    All build are fine except Metamer - building problem appears.

    Doc's Hudson jobs to be done by Jay.

    • docs releasing separatelly from framework.
    • This gave all of us time to look through the docs in order to provide review to Sean.
    Dev status

    Anton Belevich fixes last issues today.

    Nick researching myFaces issues looking for workarounds.

    Ilya Shaikovsky updates readme's in distribution.

    Andrey Markhel issues also should be done prior to code freeze.


    According to estimations - ready to today code freeze.

    • some components unit tests - moved to M3


    QE planning to be done till the week-ends.

    Ilya and Jay - should be ready to announce the release early next week.

    Also final preparations to publish showcase to GAE.

    • Jay account ready.


    Estimation on code freeze - Sept 21st(4 weeks)


    The components planned for now are:


    • Client side Validations
    • TabPanel
    • inplaceSelect
    • Messages
    • Collapsible panel
    • InputNumberSpinner
    • autocompleteBehavior
    • Calendar
    • select
    • Enhancements to push


    Table redesign will need to wait for M4 as weel as trees impl.


    Development branches

    Jay created wiki page on usage of the branches.

    All should review and start further development according to that doc.