RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 8-25-2009

Note: Details in the transcript

3.3.2.CR1 Release

  • QE
    • Nothing new found in testing latest items
    • ready for release
  • Dev
    • Konstantin will upload release
      • Update: currently dealing with an IT problem - hopefully fix by 8-26-2009
    • Ilya will update site
      • Including new dev milestone release page
    • Jay will write up announcement & release jira projects
    • AI Jay : Write a new Jira for release process updates
      • every release is uploaded to downloads & site is updated
      • Need more detailed instructions on maven repo update
  • AI Prabhat: add comments and details to a comment for the release procedure.
    • Regarding criteria for tagging
    • Process for updating tag & test suites
    • see transcript for more


Post 3.3.2.CR1 Release

  • Discussed maven archetype for RF+facelets, and RF+Seam
    • Archetypes should be versioned, but not changing 3.3.X structure
      • Address in 4.0.X
    • what goes into GA is either minor ( and isolated ) or critical ( + tested carefully ).
    • New archytypes can be included in 3.3.2.GA as long as they are isolated
    • AI Prabhat, Nick: coordinate and discuss archetypes - post to forum with plans
  • Discussed validator testing
  • Discussed location in 3.3.X for automated testing
    • Decided on samples/richfaces-demo/src/functional-tests