Version 1

    Milestone 2 Release

    Nexus server problems solved(just indexing problems but artifacts actually published and available). So binaries ready.

    Jay will release docs and upload  the distribution to downloads.

    QE handles uploads verification

    Ilya and Jay handles RFPL-763


    Post Mortem scheduled to next team meeting. - Jay preparing agenda at forum

    Milestone 3 Release

    Some vacations and J1 should be considered!

    Sep 21 - code freeze date

    Need to review and postpone the tasks if not fit to clean-up the plan

    No mock release for M3 - environment was checked in M2 and seems release now working stable


    JBAS integration

      • JBAS-8361
      • Nick planning to try Mojara  2.0.3
        • RF-9282 review by Nick influence the compatibility