Version 1

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    4.0.0.ALPHA1 Release

    • CDK walkthrough article status - skipped


    3.3.2.GA Release

    • Status
      • Dev
        • Confirmed that 3.3.2.GA:
          • Is planned for the end of Sep - start of Oct
          • No additional CRs are planned
        • Popular issues were reviewed today, results:
          • RF-7006 - resolved as "won't fix" - component already provides this functionality
          • RF-2135 - need to confirm with Alex Smirnov, sent him a letter on that. Similar issue was mentioned today in users' forum post
          • RF-6234, RF-6439, RF-6002 - rescheduled to 3.3.2.GA
          • Other issues were left for "Future" because they can significantly affect backward compatibility or won't fit into 3.3.2 scope and aren't very important ones. Current list of popular issues: JIRA
        • Alex K. has closed blocker today
        • Alex K. confirmed that he's ok with the current scope
      • Doc
        • Nightly docs build: setup is in progress, Michael and Prabhat are working together on it
        • RF-7793 is a blocker issue for documentation build. The issue is reproducible in some environments only. Gleb will contact devs team for further assistance
      • QA
        • Release process discussion:
          • Discussed current ways of release binaries distribution
          • Tagging should be done when version readiness criterias are met
          • Discussed the importance of releaseing exactly the same files that were tested
          • Prabhat suggested to use Hudson for building releases from tag - discussed and agreed. Created
          • Very briefly discussed testing on richfaces-demo vs special QA application - special application is good because it gives QA full freedom while keeping showcase examples clean
        • Status
          • Testing using QA application will be executed manually - no time to cover it with Selenium tests now
          • Optimistical estimation for finishing 3.3.2 dev JIRAs is ~two weeks. This means that first tagging can be done 15-18 Sep
          • Automated tests are currently testing 3.3.2-SNAPSHOT of richfaces-demo
            • Currently tests are being refactored - to check on Friday or earlier as soon as they're completed