Version 1

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    3.3.2.GA Version


    • Integration tests status
      • Photoalbum - tests are still unstable - need more efforts from Konstantin and Nick
      • Components test suite - Konstantin is continuing work on components tests suite; currently there are 48 failures out of 2748 overall tests.
        Konstantin is 90% sure we'll get 100% tests pass by Minsk evening of 16th Sep (that's the day just after this meeting). Some assistance with tests for a4j:page was necessary - solved after meeting 
      • Richfaces-demo tests - currently there are 5 failures:
        • one in rich:dataFilterSlider component test - should be resolved in the next build - build is still running, so Prabhat and Nick will be checking it
        • four failures due to RF-7811 - Andrei is currently working on it, estimation for fix is Minsk evening of 16th Sep
    • JIRA review
      • doc. team is ok with tagging release this week - still there are 16 unresolved issues
      • examples issues:
        • RF-7811 - already mentioned
        • 8 major and minor issues for photoalbum - will fix if time permit
      • Alex, Pavel and Nick are ok with timing for 3.3.2 bug fixing; Andrei will probably need some help - that is to discuss tomorrow with Nick
    • 3.3.2.GA tagging - depends on the results of integration tests and bug fixing - target is to deliver build to QA team by the end of this week



    • Nightly docs build failure - Svetlana will be checking this
    • One critical issue: links to user guide are broken on livedemo - resolved by Alex after the meeting
    • No questions/concerns



    • QA team is set up to start testing once we have met pretagging conditions
    • Hudson release builds for 3.3.x: - discussed this offline with Prabhat - decided to start using Hudson for release builds since 4.0.x and not use it for 3.3.2. Reason: release procedure for 3.3.x requires to store 20Gb of SVN files and this is a problem. Changes in release procedure need to be discussed and agreed with Jay, so we'll use the same environment and procedure we've used for 3.3.2.CR1.
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    4.0.0.A2 Version



    • Questions/concerns - none for now