Version 1

    Note: Details in the transcript


    3.3.2.GA Release


    • Development
      • Status
        • JIRA contains only minor development issues, so ready to release
          • Minor issues are about photoalbum - will pick them up if get some time
        • Selenium tests for components are still not passing 100% on Hudson, so tagging is delayed due to this problem.
          Discussed the problem with Prabhat and decided:
          • Tests for different parser/loading strategies configurations are split to a different Hudson projects to run in parallel
          • Relax tagging criteria for this release - 100% tests pass for at least one configuration /After the meeting tests run has been completed and we got 100% tests pass at one configuration/
          • Tagging will be done today /Has been done after the meeting/  
    • Documentation
      • Status
        • Discussed at dedicated doc. team meeting
      • Questions/concerns
        • Huson build has failed today - Mike will check and fix the problem 
    • QA
      • Status
        • Everything's good - QA team is waiting for the build to start testing
      • Questions/concerns


    4.0.0.A2 Release


    • Development
      • Iteration components and tables
        • Base development example and components base structure in the svn, maven pom.xml files created
        • Development plan created
          • Anton will share it by e-mail
        • Nick has started coding of base iteration component
        • Models support to discuss - Anton has created forum thread on this
          • Standard JSF data models
          • ExtendedDataModel
      • Client-side library
        • Pavel is coding
        • Some questions to discuss - Pavel will create forum thread/wiki page
      • CDK
        • XInclude support has been implemented
        • Walkthrough article status is unknown
      • Component Requirements and Priorities - activities:
        • Review of components priority list
        • Review latest changes for A2 wiki articles
        • Bean validation components and integration - end of this week or beginning of the next
        • To look at AJAX caching thread on design forum
    • Documentation/QA
      • No questions/concerns/comments for A2