Version 3

    4.0.0.Milestone 3 Release



    Code Freeze: September 29th


    Jira Review


    Tab Panel Component:

    • Skinning is not completly done - Alex Kolonitsky will fix it after his vacation.
    • Will be released for functional testing


    ProgressBar Component:

    • Completed
    • developer sample and unit tests should be shifted to M4 with critical priority.


    InputNumberSpinner Component:

    • development is done
    • Lex should to review markup and skinning


    Postponed components:

    • Messages
    • Client Side Validation
    • Calendar - Not all requirements are defined for implementation. Should be discussed offline
    • Autocomplete behavior (There are many questions that not adressed in spec and don't clearly understand how implement it)


    a4j:queue event handlers issue:

    • - queue support only 2 type of events: onrequestqueued and onrequestdequeued, other events should passthrough to core ajax script. This issue should be discussed offline.


    All other issues should be done for M3



    Jay will try to write up an email or blog


    3.3.3 issue

    • work around exist
    • Ilya should update the integration wiki page with info on this work around for 3.3.3.F on AS 6
    • Needs to be verified with 4.0