RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 9-29-2009

3.3.2.GA Release

Testing Status

  • Input Slider
  • Photo-Album bugs
    • List of about 10 issues found in photo-album
    • AI QE: Determine if regressions
    • AI QE: Determine if only a problem with the example
    • AI Dev: Update development ENV and dev testing to use JBoss AS 5.1
      • JBoss 4.2.X is a lower priority

  Release Plan

  • If possible build with latest updated today
    • Alex to rebuild
    • QE to retest
  • Revisit tomorrow if we can release Thursday
  • AI Alex: Forward build instructions via email for building dist on local server
  • AI Jay & Alex: R&D procedure to upload distributions to
  • Docs
    • Final doc build tomorrow first thing
    • Review for versions, links, and spot check updates
    • Work with Jay and have JBoss IT upload to doc site if things look good


4.0.0.ALPHA2 Release

Discussion postponed until tomorrows meeting