Version 29

    What is new in 3.1.1


    Current Bug fixes


    • RF-258 Tab Panel prevents immediate actions calling

    • RF-403 Tab panel should not apply a few tabs with the same names

    • RF-535 Problem with cellspacing and cellpadding when border-collapse: collapse

    • RF-765 AJAX Tree attributes      

    • RF-873     Incorrect calculation of a scrollable area height under Internet Explorer 6.0

    • RF-881 rich:tree - showConnectingLines problem in Firefox

    • RF-890 Tooltip makes white shadows in IE

    • RF-894 PanelMenu: chevron icons are inconsistent with the spec

    • RF-895 inputNumberSlider and IE: Lose value by using back buttons

    • RF-896 Input Style doesn't work in the calendar component

    • RF-900 Panel menu doesn't submit a form if an action is not specified

    • RF-901 Panel Menu Item : reRender doesn't work

    • RF-903 PanelMenu: partial missing background in opera

    • RF-905 Suggestion Box: font's lowered on hover

    • RF-910 Tooltip javascript error

    • RF-913 weekDayLabels does not work

    • RF-931 Calendar: js error ajax-scrolling inside ajaxRendered="true" a4j:outputPanel

    • RF-934 Calendar: converter is not working

    • RF-938 scrollableDataTable - jumping on initialization

    • RF-945 calendar. Selection isn't applied with a4j:support inside the calendar

    • RF-949 can't use parameters, using a menu server mode

    • RF-956 Messages produce unnecessary html when no messages exist.

    • RF-957 Scrollable Data Table - throw exception if column width is not in px

    • RF-963 "oncomplete" function doesn't work in IE

    • RF-965 Calendar doesn't work in an Ajax mode.

    • RF-966 ajaxSingle doesn't work on the calendar component

    • RF-967 PanelMenuItem: Ajax attributes is missed.

    • RF-972 error when using rich:calendar with datePattern

    • RF-973 Sorting doesn't work after rerender ScrollableDataTable using Ajax.

    • RF-975 Modal Panel - showWhenRendered EL binding provides errors

    • RF-976 rich:column width property throws pointless exceptions

    • RF-978 add ondateselected event to Calendar to add possibility to send requests with a4j:support after the value is setted.

    • RF-979 add "rich-calendar-popup" class for an outer popup div in the Calendar.

    • RF-981 Menu Components do not support non-latin character

    • RF-984 Calendar exception

    • RF-985 Test application. Data filter slider is not rendered

    • RF-986 DataTable's BGcolor can't be changed

    • RF-988 Add verticalOffset and horizontalOffset attributes to the calendar

    • RF-991 dragIndicator.xcss linked to twice, with different URLs

    • RF-992 calendar: the typo in style attribute

    • RF-992 drag-n-drop on the tree: Problem with Netscape 7.1

    • RF-1016 ToggleControlRenderer doDecode does not consider action/actionListener attributes

    • RF-1019 ui/create.bat does not contain the good CDK reference

    • RF-1020 Images for a tree lines are not loaded after application is restarted.

    • RF-1022 suggestionBox closes unexpectedly in IE if the page vertical scroller is not at 0 position

    • RF-1028 Calendar performs unnecessary submit

    • RF-1055 Scrollable Data Table - missing resource exception

    • RF-1056 exception on access to generated resources in Jboss Seam

    • RF-1061 blank page is displayed after a network error in an AJAX request

    • RF-1064 ResourceLifecycle fails to restore UIViewRoot. JUnit tests affected only.



    • RF-955 Allow calendar to be used fully in a client mode.

    • RF-964 resource aliases for Scriptaculous

    • RF-1039 onClick attribute for toolbargroup




    The issue higlighted with bold font - are resolved, but are not closed by QA Team