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    JBoss RichFaces


    Welcome to the wiki for the RichFaces project! This is a general ad hoc collection of information resources about RichFaces. Users are encouraged to donate meaningful documentation and information (like tips and tricks). Material on this wiki can be migrated to be part of the more formal documentation over time.


    If you are already registered for the JBoss forums, then you are registered for this wiki -- just login.  All documentation contributed is covered by the documentation license.


    The current release:


    • RichFaces 3.1.0. Released September 12, 2007


    • New Components of 3.1.0

      • Rich Calendar

      • Rich Tooltip

      • Rich Scrollable Data Table

      • Rich Effect

      • Rich Virtual Earth

      • Rich Message

      • Rich Messages

      • Rich Insert

      • Rich Panel Menu

      • Rich Tree Nodes Adaptor

      • Rich Reverse Tree Nodes Adaptor

    • Bug Fixes:


    Road Map

    Discussions are in progress - You can participate



    Nightly Builds (TODO: needs to be updated for 3.1)

    Rich Faces 3.0 SNAPSHOT




    Rich Faces Jira (Bugs Tracking):

    Rich Faces jira


    Rich Faces Demo