Version 4

    JCA Roadmap




    This document is not definitive. It will very likely be out-of-date most of the time.

    For up-to-date information check the jira issues.


    Do not try to discuss things here, you will most likely be ignored.

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    This task relates to tidying up the rars. The rars should be usuable outside of JBoss with

    other connection managers. A lot of things have crept into the rars that should not be there.

    The rars should be moved to a separate project that does not reference other parts of JBoss,

    especially the connection manager implementation.



    These tasks relate to improving the deployment, configuration and management of the JCA implementation.

    They range from better integration with the rest of JBoss like dependencies and stats for JSR77

    to simpler/programmatic deployment of things like DataSources.



    These jdbc rar provides a number of features that need better testing and exposure for management.

    Additionally, it could provide more support for vendor specific behaviour especially given that

    every jdbc driver behaves differently.



    There is already a prototype for an interceptor based connection manager. This needs finishing off

    and properly testing. This will allow easier pluggablity of behaviour like security, pooling, transactions, stats, etc.


    Pool improvements

    These tasks relate to improvements in the pooling implementation


    J2EE Integration

    The CachedConnectionManager needs reimplementing to provide better integration

    with the J2EE container. Currently EJB3 doesn't even integrate with it.

    • JBAS-1428 - CachedConnectionManager stuff needs redoing

    • JBAS-1662 - connect/disconnect pooling


    XAResource improvements

    Besides the vendor specific behaviour, the recovery needs implementing and testing on the

    new JBoss Transactions project.


    Transaction Inflow


    Message Inflow

    Again these are tasks relating to better management and more features.

    This also includes a proper integration with EJB3 that JCA people know how to maintain.


    JMS Inflow

    This is perhaps the most immediate task. Once the JMS inflow rar is tested and the

    same integration is used for EJB2/3 we can remove a number of duplicate implementations.


    Work Manager



    This needs implementing properly, the current implementation is just inadequet.





    Two prototypes exist for new JCA Implementations. The projects are not a part of the main checkout

    but can be obtained from jboss cvs.



    This is a prototype to replace the connection manager, pool with an aop implementation

    that allows for pluggable behaviour via different advice chains. It currently only deals with

    basic pooling, it lacks interceptors for security and transactions.



    This is a prototype to provide a generic framework for rars. Besides being aop orientated

    making it more configurable and easier to maintain, the actual code required for each new

    rar is minimized. This prototype is very hacky and needs redoing in some places.

    It is also needs an inflow abstraction.