Version 9

    The Decision Table replacement in Guvnor has been completed to the extent of providing equivalent functionality to what pre-existed.


    Whilst we now have an equivalent devoid of GWTEXT it is still adrift of where we ideally see Guvnor's guided decision table to be.


    This document represents a roadmap of features we'd like to implement in due course.



    • Provide replacement removing dependency on GWTEXT
    • Cell merging
    • Grouping of data by row
    • Replacement of back-end data-model with data-typed equivalent
    • Multi-cell selection to enable quick entry of values across multiple cells
    • Support for "otherwise" field values, allowing a rule to be matched for "any other" value not included in other rules.
    • Extension of the constructs possible with the decision table (e.g. "Cheese from $cheesery.brands")
    • Typed input of default values


    Outstanding (in no particular order)

    • Improved integration of verification and validation to provide visual feedback of problems
    • Further optimization of decision table to check completeness, ambiguity and conflict
    • Expansion and contraction
    • Typed input of Value Lists
    • Pluggable editors for Model FactTypes
    • Column and row drag and drop
    • Horizontal decision table
    • Integration of WorkingSets