Version 20

    JBoss Wiki Class Descriptions


    Main players in the class architecture

    • WikiPage

    • WikiEngine


    • WikiContext:

      • There is possibly term ambiguity with this class. Context typically refers to a single shared state for a type (ServelContext and PortletContext).

      • serves to encapsulate a executing call context?

      • An explanation the classes role would help.


    • WikiType: Represents a presentation strategy

    • WikiTypeDescriptor

    • WikiTypeHandler


    • Media: Persisted content that differs from WikiPages.

      • What things fall into the category of "Media". :  Answer:  All MIME types are media, not just wikitext pages.  We are building wiki to utilize our smart CMS which we are calling JBoss Media until we come up with a better name.

      • Does Media intended to support things like attachments?  Answer:  Attachments are simply meta data associated with a wiki page... which is an URL to a piece of Media (i.e., any file)

      • Can media exist without being on a page? Answer:  Yes.  Media is anything in our CMS.

    • MediaDataSource: serves to persist WikiPages and Media

    • MediaInternalization

      • Is this referring to I18N  Answer:  Yes it is.  But, we are still working out the details of how to do this.

      • Would media internationalization differ from a pages? (get the page in one local and get the media in another)? All of these questions are going back not being sure of the difference between media and pages.  Answer:  Again, Media is simply any content.  Some content can be viewed via wiki (different media types can be rendered differently via WikiType mappings... wikitext is only one type, html, etc.)


    New proposals

    • WikiName: A robust type (instead of a string) would give the opportunity for supporting independent wiki name spaces. A wiki name is central to all the is wiki, It should be a first class citizen in the business vocabulary.

    • WikiUser: thin interface to front a technology specific user class (org.jboss.portal.core.model.User).  I like this.


    If I may suggest the following:


    I would like to the see all of the main players in the business vocabulary be declared as interfaces. We (projects at work) have had excellent success validating requirements with test cases that stated in the business vocabulary. Most of the test cases would be implemented to interact exclusively with the business interfaces.