Version 3
    • Ability to ensure rule relationships and dependencies are maintained.

    • Ability to sort (filter) and view rules by meta-data (eg categorisation)

    • Ability to enforce security (authorization) on rule management by

    workgroup business process, data resource, or both.

    (pending clarification of scope)

    • Ability to author and publish rules.

    (DSL based, Decision table, SVN integration, IDE)

    • Ability to explore and maintain rules.


    • Ability to query rules.

    • Ability to generate reports.

    • Ability to simulate rules and invoke/interrogate external rule


    (pending clarification of scope)

    • Ability to deploy/un-deploy rules as a package logically or business

    model based (i.e. contract limits/timing).

    • Ability to trace rules across dependencies using versioning and

    history for audit purposes.