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    How Do I Run JBoss with J2SDK 1.5 Beta? (Obsolete)


    This page is obsolete as J2SE 5 has long since gone GA and jboss has worked with this for several versions.




    The releases JBoss-3.2.4 and JBoss-4.0.0DR4 run on Java 1.5 without modification.

    Please report any problems you find.


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    This problem is still present with JBoss 4.0.0 and JDK1.5.0RC... don't know what causes it. It is probably an error in the webapp / ear file, but it is hard to tell what the error is...


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    JBoss 3.2.6 seems to work with official SDK 1.5.0.



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    I encountered the same issue, and after removing jboss-app.xml, it worked fine with no consequences.


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    Even with jboss 4.0.1sp1 and Java 1.5_03 this is a problem. Removing jboss-app.xml is not an option for all of us...


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    This is obviously still an issue with some versions of JBoss/Java. The root of the problem is usually commons-logging (why did they ever make a new version of that library? It was great back in 2002, now it is a pain in the ss for most projects, due to class path problems). Usually the problem can be resolved by fiddling with commons-logging.jar and/or other common libraries.


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