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    DEPRECATED PAGE: JBoss Portal 2.6 now runs under JBoss 4.2.x out of the box.





    This page is kept only for archival purposes. When this page was written, there were some issues with running Portal 2.6 on JBoss AS 4.2.0.GA due to the switch to Sun's JSF Reference Implementation (as opposed to Apache MyFaces in previous versions). These issues have been solved.


    How to run JBoss Portal 2.6 and MyFaces under JBoss AS 4.2.x


    Known Issues with Portal 2.6CR2:

    After this the portal pages do work seamlessly with JBoss4.2.0.GA. The only issue that exists at the moment of writing this is that the portal.wsrp:service=ConsumerRegistry service does not get deployed because of the following issue:


    [LongType] could not read column value from result set: col_0_0_; Wrong data type: type: VARCHAR (12) expected: BIGINT value: self
    [JDBCExceptionReporter] SQL Error: -16, SQLState: 37000
    [JDBCExceptionReporter] Wrong data type: type: VARCHAR (12) expected: BIGINT value: self
    org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: could not execute query using iterate
            at org.hibernate.exception.SQLStateConverter.convert(


    After a close scrutiny it appears that the hibernate definition found under jboss-portal.sar\portal-wsrp.sar\conf\consumer\hibernate is the culprit. Does "id" refer to a special field name/type in hibernate?


    Solution to known issue

    JBoss4.2.0.GA ships with Hibernate-Version: whereas JBoss4.0.5.GA ships with Hibernate-Version: This issue is caused by hibernate. Replace the hibernate3.jar from JBoss4.0.5.GA into JBoss4.2.0.GA and this goes off. Hibernate team could you please see what causes this? A bug in Hibernate perhaps or is this a feature?


    Note : This issue is fixed as of now in trunk (June 2007) and if you check out the code the above issue is resolved and you don't have to replace hibernate3.jar


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