Version 3

    When installing JBoss Developer Studio 4.x, if you attempt to set JDK 7 as the Java version to be used you will encounter an error and installation will not complete.


    JBoss Developer Studio 4.x is not supported with Java 7, however you can complete installation with Java 6 and then follow a few steps to allow it to work with Java 7; though it must be stressed that this is not supported. Java 7 will be supported for JBoss Developer Studio 5.


    To use Java 7 with JBoss Developer Studio 4.x:


    - Install JBoss Developer Studio using Java 6

    - After installation, navigate to the /studio/ folder of your installation.

    - Open the jbdevstudio.ini file in a text editor

    - Add the following lines to the end of the file:





    - Replace JAVA_7_FOLDER with the path to your Java 7 installation

    - Save the file and exit your text editor


    When you next launch JBoss Developer Studio 4.x it will use Java 7.


    Note that there are a number of other things you can configure in the jbdevstudio.ini file. See or