Running Riftsaw Integration Tests

One step command would be:


mvn$ -Dws.stack=$WS_STACK clean install -P integration


Notice: here the $ has to be the absolute path to the file



mvn -Dorg_jboss_as_home=$AS_HOME -Dorg_jboss_as_config=$AS_CONFIG -Dorg_jboss_esb_home=$ESB_HOME -Ddatabase=$DATABASE -Dws.stack=$WS_STACK clean install -P integration


Three-step command (which was used in the hudson build)


mvn clean install
cd integration-tests
mvn -Dorg_jboss_as_home=$AS_HOME -Dorg_jboss_as_config=$AS_CONFIG -Dorg_jboss_esb_home=$ESB_HOME -Ddatabase=$DATABASE -Dws.stack=$WS_STACK clean install


specify the $WS_STACK as native or cxf if you want to replace the default ws stack.


The available options for database are: hsql, derby, postgres, mysql, oracle, sqlserver

The available options for ws.stack are: native, cxf, default.