Version 23

    This guide will walk you through how to deploy and run Overlord S-RAMP on Fuse,  with and without Fabric 6.1.  Note that, at the moment, the S-RAMP installer does not support Fabric as an actual installation target.  In the near future, we'll be adding that, but for now please use the following steps.


    With Fabric


    1. Download Fuse 6.1 and unpack it
    2. Download the attached and unpack it
    3. Add the following to [FUSE HOME]/fabric/import/fabric/configs/versions/1.0/profiles/default/
      metadata#org.apache.aries.proxy.impl#[1.0,2.0)#Export-Service = org.apache.aries.proxy.ProxyManager
      metadata#org.apache.aries.blueprint.core#[1.0,2.0)#Import-Service = org.apache.aries.proxy.ProxyManager
      metadata#org.apache.karaf.deployer.blueprint#[2.0,3.0)#Require-Capability = osgi.extender;filter:="(osgi.extender=osgi.blueprint)"
      metadata#io.fabric8.fabric-core#[1.0,2.0)#Require-Capability = osgi.extender;filter:="(osgi.extender=osgi.service.component)"
      metadata#org.apache.felix.scr#[1.0,2.0)#Provide-Capability = osgi.extender;osgi.extender=osgi.service.component
    4. Clone the Overlord Commons and Overlord S-RAMP git repos
      1. Governance/overlord-commons
      2. Governance/s-ramp
    5. In both repos, 'mvn clean install' (include '-DskipTests' if you're not interested in running the unit tests).
    6. Unzip the Commons and S-RAMP profiles into [FUSE_HOME]/fabric/import/fabric/configs/versions/1.0/profiles:
      1. [COMMONS_HOME]/overlord-commons-dist/overlord-commons-dist-fuse6/target/overlord-commons-profile-[VERSION].zip
      2. [SRAMP_HOME]/s-ramp-distro/fabric/target/s-ramp-profile-[VERSION].zip
    7. Start Fuse: [FUSE_HOME]/bin/fuse
    8. Configure the Commons and S-RAMP profiles using Overlord's Karaf command bundle:
      1. features:addurl mvn:org.overlord.sramp/s-ramp-distro-fuse61/[VERSION]/xml/features
      2. features:install -v s-ramp-karaf-commands
      3. overlord:fabric:s-ramp:configure [FABRIC_PASSWORD]
    9. Create the user and role
      1. fabric:create --zookeeper-password admin
        When prompted, use "admin" for both the username and password.
      2. jaas:manage --index 3
      3. jaas:roleadd admin overlorduser
      4. jaas:roleadd admin admin.sramp
      5. jaas:useradd srampjms [FABRIC_PASSWORD]
      6. jaas:update
    10. Create a fuse fabric container:
      1. fabric:container-create-child root child
        To allow remote debugging, use something like the following: fabric:container-create-child --jvm-opts '-Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=5005' root child
      2.   It is recommended to add --jvm-opts '-Xms2000m -Xmx2000m'
        • fabric:container-create-child --jvm-opts '-Xms2000m -Xmx2000m -Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=5005' root child
    11. Stop the container using "fabric:container-stop child" or stop all the karaf console using "exit".
    12. Copy the that is inside the file into the [FUSE_HOME]/instances/child/etc folder.
    13. Start Fuse or start the container using "fabric:container-start child". In case you have stopped Fuse completely, the container is not always started, so it is necessary to start.
      1. You can check the logs of the container: tail -1000f [FUSE_HOME]/instances/child/data/log/karaf.log
    14. Add the profiles to the Fabric container:
      1. fabric:container-add-profile child overlord-sramp
    15. Test the S-RAMP UI: http://localhost:8182/s-ramp-ui


    Without Fabric


    1. Download Fuse 6.1 and unpack it
    2. Download the attached and unpack it inside of the Fuse installation directory.
    3. Start Fuse: [FUSE_HOME]/bin/fuse
    4. features:addurl mvn:org.overlord.sramp/s-ramp-distro-fuse61/[VERSION]/xml/features
    5. features:install -v s-ramp-karaf-commands
    6. Configure Fuse, in preparation for S-RAMP: overlord:s-ramp:configure [PASSWORD]
    7. Launch S-RAMP: features:install -v s-ramp
    8. Test the S-RAMP UI: http://localhost:8181/s-ramp-ui


    Change Overlord Password


    If you want to change the password for all your overlord applications deployed in the fuse server, you can use the overlord karaf command to regenerate it. Write the following instructions in the karaf console:

    1. features:addurl mvn:org.overlord/overlord-commons-dist-fuse6/[OVERLORD_COMMONS_VERSION]/xml/features  (in case it is not added before)
    2. features:install -v overlord-commons (in case it has not been installed before)

    For Fuse deployment:

    • overlord:change-password [PASSWORD]

    For Fuse Fabric deployment:

    • overlord:fabric:change-password [PASSWORD]

    (Note that this instruction only can have effect before the Fuse Fabric is created)