Version 1


    Occasionally, Lars goes through the system to ensure that all the services in S-RAMP are classified correctly to maintain the credibility of these ontologies.


    System Narrative:

    System path 1 -

    Lars opens a page that shows the artifacts in each type of classification, and those that are not classified.  He bulk selects those that should be changed or added to a certain classification, and then adds that classification to them.

    System path 2 -

    Lars looks at the most recently added files since his last check on the system and sees if any of those files need metadata or information changed so that they fit into the ontology.  He will often bulk select many services and assign them to a classification in this process.  Sometimes Lars will go into individual artifacts or services to manipulate them.


    During this process Lars also does a search for duplicate artifacts so that he can talk to the development teams about removing any duplicate information.





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