Version 1


    Jason has been tasked with implementing a new Business Process for his company.  This Business Process will leverage a number of existing Services that the company has already produced and deployed into production.


    System Narrative:

    Jason uses the system to find all of the Services he will be depending on.  Jason will either download the Service Definitions he finds, or he will reference them directly via a URL provided by S-RAMP (depending on the technology he uses for his Business Process).



    How does Jason learn that he should re-use services rather than build his own?  Training, best practices.  Jason will need to know as a SOA architect that he should be referencing services in this.  Users could set up notifications as part of the governance workflow of an artifact being added to S-RAMP so that all users get notified of artifacts available to them.  This information should be documented well.


    What might Jason use as keywords or information to find the services he will be depending on?

    • Tagging maybe in custom properties
    • Description of a service
    • Name of a service
    • Services that refer to a particular “type” (ex.  services that consume or produce an invoice)
    • Classifiers


    Would Jason open these services and look at the code, or just read a description of what they do?  He would likely look at the definitions which he could see directly in the S-RAMP UI.  The goal would be for Jason to not have to look at the code if possible.


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