Version 1


    Kim, as a scope of work exercise, has been asked to look into making some changes to Service K, changing its contract.  Before she makes any changes, she wants to know what other Services might be using Service K so she can coordinate an upgrade process (ensuring no Services stop working).


    System Narrative:

    Kim uses the system to locate Service K.  Kim uses the “perform impact analysis” feature to see all services that would be impacted by the change she wishes to make. Kim will need to go coordinate with other service owners to make sure the other services don’t break when she makes her changes.  If there are too many impacts, Kim might decide to make a new service rather than manipulating the old service.



    How does Kim know who to contact about the other services?  Is or should their be owners associated with the services for easy notification?  Or would Kim also fix the other services?  Maybe add a custom parameter for this in the future.


    We could have various custom parameters to track ownership (this is manual):

    - Functional Owner

    - Technical Owner

    - Developer

    - Security Admin

    Or we could connect to existing LDAP or SSO system that other governance modules are already leveraging.


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