Version 3


    The afternoon after he uploads his new files, George realizes that he has made modifications to these XML files so he accesses the system to update the files.  He can’t quite remember the name of the files he uploaded before.


    System Narrative:

    George goes to his recent activty area to see files he has recently uploaded.  He locates the file he uploaded that morning, and tells the system he would like to update this file.  The new file is imported and replaces the old file.  George can now see that there is a version history to his artifact and that the new version was successfully uploaded.



    Another potential path could be that George may want to go to his source control system to find the file.  After locating it there, he would want to upload the file to the system without having to search and find it.  Upon upload, he would see that he uploaded this same file previously.  He verifies the he wants to update the existing file rather than add another file with the same name.



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