Version 2


    George is adding a new mobile application for users to access that shows the latest currency exchange data as provided by the current vendor.  George has determined that he has some XML files that are used in this mobile application which should be placed in a repository for other apps he is planning to make next month to re-use.  He identifies all the files that should be part of the repository in his source control system.


    System Narrative:

    System Path 1 -

    George goes to the system and upload his files.  Upon upload, he sees all the files uploaded in a verification style and has an opportunity to edit their metadata.  He updates a few values of 2 different files, and then submits the files to the repository.

    System Path 2 -

    George makes a zip archive of his files.  He then goes to the system to upload this file.  Upon upload, he can see each of the files that were contained in the zip file and gets a chance to verify these files as what he wanted to upload.






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