Version 6

    The following scenarios have been created to outline the user interactions in the system in a story-telling manner so that the users, their environment, and their task goals are well understood.  Having well understood user scenarios lead to better designs that meet the users' needs.  Take a look through the scenarios and provide any feedback you have about the ones included or about other scenarios you think that we may have missed.


    Scenario Index


    A. S-RAMP Scenario: Maven build upload

    B. S-RAMP Scenario: Impact Analysis

    C. S-RAMP Scenario: Find and use existing artifacts

    D. S-RAMP Scenario: Upload single or ZIP file manually

    E. S-RAMP Scenario: Update files manually

    F. S-RAMP Scenario: Create an ontology

    G. S-RAMP Scenario: Classify artifacts

    H. S-RAMP Scenario: View version history

    I.  S-RAMP Scenario: Notification of activity