Version 2

    Tuning SPECjAppServer2002




    Database: Oracle Connections


    Sometimes the Oracle database is unable to grant access to all users that require a connection. To correct this situation:



    1.     Shutdown both the TNS and database services via Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Services.


    2.     Open a Command Prompt.


    3.     Run:


    cd %ORACLE_HOME%\bin. 


    to move to the bin directory in the Oracle installation directory.



    4.     Run the following commands and note the numbers returned:


    orastack tnslsnr.exe
    orastack oracle.exe


    The commands will normally report 1048576, ~1Mb, which is the amount of stack allocated to each incoming connection. Sometime the ~1Mb stack is too much and should be adjusted to .5Mb or below. Using .5Mb is safe, using anything below .5Mb can cause Oracle to crash and may not suit all database environments. Run the following commands to change the stack size to .5Mb:


    orastack tnslsnr.exe 524288
    orastack oracle.exe 524288


    5.     Restart the TNS and Oracle services.