Version 2

    Tuning SPECjAppServer2002




    Database: Oracle Processes


    As the benchmark Inject Rate increases, Oracle may run out of Processes � the JBoss Server being tested may start generating a number of SQLExecption messages indicating that the number of Processes on Oracle has been exceeded.


    To correct this issue, via the OEM, access the database instance (probably specdb) that needs to be monitored. The user sys, connecting as a sysdba will need to be used. Upon expansion of the Instance and Configuration nodes, a General tab will be displayed. Use All Initialization Parameters button to access the Initialization Parameters Worksheet. Locate the Processes entry in the worksheet and increase the parameters value. Typical values can be in the 1000-1500 process range for higher IR runs.


    When increasing the Processes parameter, the Sessions and Transactions parameters (located in the same worksheet) should also be modified to the same value.