Version 4

    Release Notes - JBoss Benchmarking - Version Specj2004-kit-1.0


      • Feature Request


        JBBENCH-49 - loaddb should pass properties to Specj's loaddb




      • Bug


         JBBENCH-28 - Mysql select count () statement


         JBBENCH-29 - Relationship Issue


         JBBENCH-36 - Into JBoss_4.0.2 testcases are not working properly


         JBBENCH-44 - Issues with classpath and other ant properties


         JBBENCH-46 - Case Issue


         JBBENCH-47 - Exception due to Multi-Threading Load


         JBBENCH-48 - MDBs are not receiving messages




      • Task


         JBBENCH-21 - Build Script for Specj2004-kit


         JBBENCH-22 - Create specific EJB Deployment Descriptors  for JBossSpecj2004Kit


         JBBENCH-23 - MySQL Schema Migration


         JBBENCH-24 - Specj2004Kit Documentation


         JBBENCH-25 - TestCases for Specj2004Kit