Version 2

    Tuning SPECjAppServer2002




    Tuning the SPECjAppServer2002 Emulator Server


    To run the SPECjAppServer2002 benchmark correctly, the SPECjAppServer2002 Emulator should be located on a separate server from the SPECjAppServer2002 Application. The SPECjAppServer2002 Emulator receives a B2B type transaction from the SPECjAppServer2002 Application.



    1.     The server running the benchmark should have plenty of memory (up to 4Gb) and the server should ideally have two CPUs (500Mhz or higher). The server should also have a good NIC (1 Gigabit if possible) and be on a private network. However, traffic to the SPECjAppServer2002 Emulator is very light and so a 100Mbit NIC might suffice.


    2.     The following environment variables should be set, before starting the JBoss server that is running the SPECjAppServer2002 Emulator:


    JAVA_HOME=<path to your Java SDK>
    JAVA_OPTS=-server -XX:NewSize=384m �XX:MaxNewSize=384m �Xms1024m �Xmx1024m
    -XX:+UseTLAB -Dsun.rmi.dgc.client.gcInterval=3600000