Version 1

    The regession testing tool that is used for Teiid and has been used since MetaMatrix, is now available in the Open Source on GitHub.


    The SQL Bulk Query Tool (BQT) was created to perform regression testing against a Teiid/MetaMatrix server.  Even though it was built to run against Teiid, it can be used against any JDBC data source.


    This tool can be useful for repeatitive testing situations: 

    -  useful in development, as a means to build up testing scenario's that need to be confirmed before checking in changes.

    -  useful in QE, as a means to perform regression testing before changes are promoted to production.  This task can be automated so that miminum human resource time is needed.

    -  useful in tracking problems.  When a jira is submitted, the problem query can be added to your executed queries, and tracked until the resolution is seen in the excution when a differerence exception is seen to indicate a change has occurred for that query.

    -  useful in the development of a custom translator/connector.   The test queries that are used to validate the functionality of the translator/connector when accessed via jdbc can then be used as a means for revalidation as code changes evolve over time.


    If you wish to learn more about the tool, please see the on github.


    To submit your ideas or issues, please use the Issues option on GitHub.