SVN Repository

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List of SVN repositories



Anonymous access


Anonymous repository is a mirror of the committer repository that is synched every 5 minutes.


Committer access


Committers will be prompted for their id and password.  There are no public and private keys for these repositories.  All encryption is done via https.  Each project maintains its own list of committers and there is directory level access controls in place.


Committer access requires agreement to one of the following contributor agreements: Sign a JBoss Contributor Agreement


When requesting developer access, please sign an agreement using the above link. You need to have demonstrated an understanding of the codebase and testsuite by submitting patches for bugs/enchancements to jira before we will grant committer access.


If you don't know your username or have any trouble, just send an email to


For committer access requests, please include:


  • Your full name.

  • A valid email address for us to use.

  • Your website username.

  • The project you wish to contribute to.


Also, the lead of the project you wish to contribute to must corroborate your becoming a committer.


Useful Subversion Tools


Useful Links


Useful svn commands

  • Check the repository for new changes relative to the workspace: svn status -u

  • See the changes that were made since your last checkout: svn diff -rBASE:HEAD

  • See a forward comparison between your version and the latest: svn diff -rHEAD

  • See reverse comparison between your version with the latest: svn diff --old=. --new=.@HEAD


Also see the SubversionMigrationGuide