Version 7

    As ex-CTO of JBoss and now VP of Architecture, Scott Stark is responsible for the technical direction of the JBoss Application Server, and project integration among the JBoss-federated Open Source middleware projects. Scott began his career with JBoss as a leading contributor to the JBossAS security module, JBossSX.


    Scott works on the JBossAS, JBossMicrocontainer, JBossCommons, JBossMX, the legacy JMS JBossMQ, and many other parts of JBoss projects.


    Scott holds a Masters and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Delaware, where he also completed his post-doctoral work. During that period, he became interested in parallel and distributed programming in the context of computationally demanding chemical reaction simulations. His interest in programming led him to leave chemical engineering for a consulting firm that was building a custom distributed risk management system for Bear Stearns. Scott later joined Bear Stearns, where he spent eight years altogether and was promoted to Managing Director. His work focused on the risk management system and distributed real-time messaging servers. Scott obtained his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington, in Seattle.