Version 13

    Recording screencast of running tests is implemented in JBT test suite via class


    To save screencast of test just insert this code to proper place within test class:


    screenRecorderExt = new ScreenRecorderExt();
    // start scren cast recording
    <... test instructions ...>
    // stop screen cast recording


    Implementation for SWTBot tests


    For SWTBot tests is screencasting fully implemented. Once enabled via setting system property all tests from test run are saved together with requirements processing. For each test class of test run one video file is saved with name of the test class. Recorded files are saved in the screencasts directory at the same location where SWTBot tests are creating screenshots directory.


    Implementing class is

    Important methods:

    private static void startScreenRecorder(String className)
    private static void stopScreenRecorder()
    protected Statement withBeforeClasses(Statement statement)
    public void run(RunNotifier notifier)