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    I had a Seam application I was trying to migrate from AS 4.2 to 6 [this happened in 5 as well].  When I deployed the application, I kept getting the following error:


    Caused by: error in opening zip file

            at Method) [:1.6.0_23]

            at<init>( [:1.6.0_23]

            at<init>( [:1.6.0_23]

            at org.jboss.seam.deployment.URLScanner.handleArchiveByFile( [:2.2.1.Final]

            ... 80 more


    The root issue is that there is a special Seam deployer bundled with JBoss ($JBOSS_HOME/server/*/deployers/seam.deployer), which is needed for deploying Seam applications.  If the deployer is not used, you'll get the above ZipException [not sure why this is...].


    In order to be called, the AS has to realize that an application is a Seam application.  It does this based on the following directory entries [see:]:







    If it does *not* find one of those files, the Seam deployer is *not* called and the application will not deploy correctly. 


    My application happened to have those files bundled in a jar in the WEB-INF/lib directory.  The application ran fine on AS 4.2 (and with JBoss tools).  However, AS 6 was not able to determine that the application was a Seam application and was thus unable to properly deploy it.


    I solved the problem by adding one of the above files to the *war* file.  Once I did this, AS 6 properly deployed the app.


    The issue can also be solved by bundling the jboss-seam-int-jbossas.jar in the WEB-INF/lib directory of the war.


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