Version 21

    Get JBoss Seam

    Latest release

    Get the latest release from here: (if you are wondering what GA and CR mean, please refer to the JBoss Product Versioning page)


    Nightly build

    Nightly builds of Seam are available here:




    Get JBoss Seam from the CVS, to do so you will need the following information:

    username: anonymous


    leave the password empty


    connection type: pserver




    repository path: /cvsroot/jboss


    module: jboss-seam


    So basically the command line to type would be:

    cvs -d co jboss-seam


    Get JBoss AS

    • Now you need to download the latest JEMS installer (note: for the latest Seam 3.0 from CVS, you'll need JBoss AS 4.2 CR1 instead)

    • Install JBoss AS with the following command: java -jar jems-installer-1.2.0.BETA3.jar

    • Install the "ejb3" configuration using the wizard, "ejb3-clustered" if you need to run it on a cluster or "portal", if you want to use Seam to create portlets.





    Configure and build Seam

    • Make sure you are running JDK 1.5, if not please download it from and install it

    • Edit jboss-seam/ to reflect the path of the JBoss installation

    • In jboss-seam directory execute the ant script using the default target



    Deploy an example

    In any of the example directory execute the ant script with the default target to deploy it




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