Version 20

    This wiki page is out of date.  For running Seam with JSF 1.2, or for upgrading the JSF version in a JBoss installation, this page will be more helpful:


    JBoss Seam CVS head (as of 7th March), supports using the recent nightly builds of JSF 1.2, which can be found at the javaserverfaces project.  Also see JBoss 5.x & JSF 1.2 guide.


    Running Seam + JSF1.2 using JBoss Application Server


    When facelets is configured as a view handler, JBoss application server can be used, as JSP2.1 support is not required. It's a simple process to get this working:


    • Remove myfaces-impl.jar and myfaces-api.jar from the deploy/jbossweb-tomcat55.sar/jsf-libs directory for the configuration (e.g. default) of JBoss application server you are running.


    • Get the javaserverfaces project's nightly build javaserverfaces_binary.class from their Documents & files/nightly area, & install (currently by running 'java -cp . javaserverfaces_binary' in the directory you downloaded to). From the lib directory of the decompressed archive, copy over the jsf-impl.jar & jsf-api.jar to the jsf-libs directory mentioned above.


    • Grab the latest facelets release archive (1.1.11 at time of this page) from their Documents & files/releases area. Unzip, and from it's lib directory, copy the el-api.jar & el-ri.jar into the jsf-libs directory. I've not tried with nightly build el libs, but they should be OK too


    • Copy the jsf-facelets.jar from the root of the facelet distribution into your WEB-INF/lib directory, and ensure your web app is configured to use the JSF 1.2 RI & facelets - e.g. listener-class in web.xml is com.sun.faces.config.ConfigureListener and the view-handler is com.sun.facelets.FaceletViewHandler


    It's a good idea to remove the tmp & work directories from your JBoss configuration directory (e.g. default) before starting JBoss with the new JSF libs. Have attached an ear containing a facelet conversion of the number guessing game, which works using JSF1.2 under JBossAS with updated jsf-libs






    Facelets Escaping

    If you find that angle bracket entities (e.g. <) in your attributes or EL expressions cause XML parsing errors, try upgrading to a more recent build of the JSF RI.