Security Vulnerabilities Notification to Community

Page listing all the security vulnerabilities in JBoss community projects, for the benefit of the community.




Date: 21 Feb 2011

Security Issue :  Oracle has released Update 24 for JDK6 for CVE-2010-4476



What you should do?

  • Upgrade to JDK6 Update 24 right away.
  • If you do not have opportunities to upgrade, run the Update Tool whose details have been posted below on 9 Feb 2011.




Date: 9 Feb 2011


Security Issue:  JBoss and  CVE-2010-4476


This affects all Java applications running on the Oracle/Sun JVM. Natually, JBoss Application

Server is affected.  The resolution is provided by Oracle at


Upgrade to Oracle JVM JDK6 Update 23 . Then use the Floating Point Updater Tool from   If you are unable to upgrade the JDK, just run the FP updater tool.


Once Update 24 is released shortly, the fix will be part of JDK and no need for updater tool.





Date: 26 April 2010

Security Issue:  JBoss and CVE-2010-0738

This is a community courtesy notification for a severe security issue affecting some of the JBoss projects and products. Please refer to the following Red Hat KBase article for more information:


JBoss Products & CVE-2010-0738


As a Red Hat/JBoss enterprise customer (paying), you are already notified via the official channels: RHN, CSP etc. Patches/updated products are available to you.


If you are an user of the community project: JBoss Application Server, then you may be affected. Please refer to the kbase article for possible solutions.