Version 4

    Server Configuration Directory Structure


    Whichever ServerConfiguration you are using, the corresponding directory effectively is the server while  JBoss is running. It contains all the code and configuration information for the MBeans; it&146;s where the  log output goes and it&146;s where you deploy your applications. Let&146;s take a look at the contents of the default directory. If you haven&146;t tried running the server yet, then do so now, as some of the sub-directories are only created if JBoss has previously been started. 


    The sub-directories are:


    • conf:  contains the jboss-service.xml file which specifies the core services. Also used for additional  configuration files for these services.

    • data: This is where the embedded Hypersonic database instance stores its data. It is also used by  JBossMQ (the JBoss implementation of JMS) to store messages on disk.

    • deploy:  you deploy your application code (jar, war and ear files) by dropping them in here. It is also  used for hot-deployable services (those which can be added to or removed from the running server)  and for deploying JCA resource adapters3. That&146;s why there&146;s a lot of stuff in there already &150; in particular you&146;ll notice the jmx-console application (an unpacked war file) which we were using earlier.  The directory is constantly scanned for updates and any modified components will be re-deployed  automatically. We&146;ll look at deployment in more detail later. 

    • lib:  jar files needed by this server configuration. You can add required library files here for JDBC  drivers etc.

    • log: this is where the logging information goes. JBoss uses the Jakarta log4j package for logging  and you can also use it directly in your own applications from within the server.

    • tmp: used by the deployer for temporary storage of unpacked applications etc.

    • work: used by Tomcat for compilation of JSPs.