Version 15

    Default configuration services


    The non-core, hot-deployable services are added to the deploy directory. They can be either XML descriptor files (called <name>-service.xml) or JBoss Service Archive (SAR) files. SARs contain both the XML descriptor and additional resources which the service requires (e.g. classes, library jar files

    or other archives), all packaged up a single archive.  In the default configuration deploy directory, you'll find the following files and sub-directories:


    • ejb-deployer.xml : The ejb2.1 and earlier deployer service.

    • ear-deployer.xml : The JavaEE EAR deployer service.

    • http-invoker.sar: provides RMI/HTTP access for MBeans and EJBs. 

    • jbossweb-tomcat55.sar: an expanded SAR file containing the embedded Tomcat service. This provides the standard web container within JBoss.  The file server.xml specifies what port JBoss will listen to to service HTTP requests.

    • jms: JMS-specific services grouped together in a subdirectory.

      • hsqldb-jdbc2-service.xml:  implements caching and persistence using the embedded HSQL database. Also contains the DestinationManager MBean which is the core service for the JMS implementation.

      • jbossmq-destinations-service.xml:  sets up standard JMS Topics and Queues which are used by the  JBoss test suite.

      • jbossmq-service.xml:  additional services for JMS, including the interceptor configuration.

      • jms-ra.rar:  resource adapter to allow JMS connection factories to be handled by JCA.

      • jms-ds.xml:  sets up JBoss Messaging as the default JMS provider and supplies JCA configuration  information to integrate the JMS resource adapter with JBoss JCA.

    • jmx-console.war: the management console web application.

    • jmx-invoker-adaptor-server.sar: provide remote access to the JMX MBean server.

    • management: sub-directory containing alternative management services, including an improved  web console. Currently still in development.

    • cache-invalidation-service.xml: allows customized control of the EJB cache via JMS.

    • hsqldb-ds.xml: sets up the embedded Hypersonic database service and the default data source.

    • jboss-jca.sar: the JBoss JCA implementation. Allows the deployment of JCA resource adaptors  within JBoss.

    • jboss-local-jdbc.rar and jboss-xa-jdbc.rar: these are JCA resource adapters to integrate JDBC  drivers which support DataSource and XADataSource respectively but for which there is no proprietary JCA implementation.

    • mail-service.xml: allows applications and services to use JavaMail from within JBoss. Must be  configured with relevant mail server information.

    • properties-service.xml: amongst other things, allows the setting of global system properties (as returned by System.getProperties).  Also manages PropertyEditor classes through the PropertyEditorManagerService.

    • schedule-manager-service.xml and scheduler-service.xml*: task scheduling service.

    • snmp-adaptor.sar: JMX to SNMP adaptor.

    • sqlexception-service.xml: provides a means of identifying non-fatal SQL exceptions for a given  JDBC driver.

    • transaction-service.xml: together with the MBeans in conf/jboss-service.xml, sets up the JBoss  transaction manager and associated services.

    • user-service.xml  a place to add your own MBeans.

    • uuid-key-generator.sar: generates unique UUID-based keys.

    • mbean-configurator.sar: sets attributes on MBeans as they are registered with mbean server