Version 15

    Tagging pages: three levels of rigidity

    In the blue fields, you can add Tags to the page you view in the main window. For different Attributes, different levels of rigidity are needed. For example, we want a predefined list of possible Values for the Attribute "Format", while the attribute "Keyword" should allow for arbitrary values.

    Add by drop-down

    • note that you can still add values (see below) that are not contained in the drop down list by using the "Free Tag" fields (see the "Product:Drools" example below)

    entering Value

    • "Keyword" is currently the only Attribute that offers not a dropdownlist of rigid values, but a text input field, so you can add arbitrary keywords

    entering Attribute and Value

    • You can add entirely new attribute/value combinations by using the "Free Tag" fields at the bottom of the blue area.

    • note that this way you can add values to to attributes that are not contained in the corresponding drop down list

      • E.g., to enter a tag "Product:Drools", enter "Product" as attribute in "Free Tag" and "Drools" as value.

      • After this, the value will be listed in the appropriate Attribute box

    Delete a tag

    • just click on the red �X� next to the tag.


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