Version 3

    Smartfrog Crash Course


    The purpose of this document is to help you get started with smartfrog.  The developers have done a good job documenting Smartfrog, however there are some simple missing peices from the documentation, that I will hopefully be able to fill in here.



    This page will be worthless to you if you haven't gone through the tutorial at  The "Quick Reference Manual" and "User Manual" are also very valuable.



    • When you develop components and want to test them, you should point the environment variable "$SFUSERHOME" to a directory which contains a jar file of your classes.  A directory filled with class files will NOT work.

    • Even after reading the tutorial, I was still confused about file system layout.  So I'll try to explain it simply.


      • For sfDaemon, the imporant part is that the correct classes are in the classpath ($SFUSERHOME).  I am pretty sure that the daemon does not parse sf files at all.


      • For sfStart, you'll need the .sf file on the classpath, which includes the current directory of course.


    • Smartfrog uses it's own classloader.  If you are getting an error that a component can't be deployed, and you can't figure out why, then verify your class path contains all dependencies.  The SF classloader does not always throw a ClassNotFoundException when it should.